Coastline Travel Advisors is a family owned, full service travel agency founded in 1968 by Mr. Hugh Gerald Johnson. His son, Jay Johnson, is now owner and president, and has over 20 years of experience in the travel industry. Jay is one of the most respected travel executives in the business. Coastline Travel Advisors is a Virtuoso affiliated agency, thus making them specialists in the art of travel. Jay was appointed to a Member Advisory Board with Virtuoso in 2011. Their affiliated with Virtuoso provides close relationships with various hotels, tour operators and cruise lines, ensuring clients get the best treatment possible. The travel advisors at Coastline Travel are all college graduates with their own niche travel experience, and they will strive to ensure the most memorable and unique experiences– Whether that includes taking a cruise, enjoying a safari, or soaring into outer space (Jay is in fact an official Virgin Galactic agent for trips to space). The Coastline Travel team is innovative, experienced, and aspire to create incredible travel memories for all clients.

We are here to share our own travel experiences, travel tips, news and any other fascinating travel facts.


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